Comprehensive Review: This Is Vegas Casino – A Premier Choice for Online Gaming

this is vegas casino review

If you’re like me, the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas can be pretty alluring. But who has the time or money to jet off to Sin City whenever the mood strikes? That’s where ‘This is Vegas Casino’ comes in. It’s an online casino that brings the magic of Vegas right to your living room.

In my years of reviewing online casinos, I’ve seen it all. And I’ve got to say, ‘This is Vegas Casino’ has some unique features that set it apart. So, let’s dive in and see what this virtual Vegas has to offer.

Game Selection at This is Vegas Casino

When I peeked under the hood of This is Vegas Casino, I found a rich array of games that’ll get any committed casino player excited. The casino offers over 180 games in various categories for its broad range of users.

The games are well-categorized and streamlined for easy navigation. One amazing feature is the search bar, simplifying the quest for your favorite game.

Slots at This is Vegas Casino

Slots are, without a doubt, the main attraction of any casino. This is Vegas Casino is no exception as it boasts a remarkable collection of slot games. There are classic slot games for those with an eye for nostalgia, as well as state-of-the-art video slots for the technology aficionados. Yes, you’ll find everything from single line to multiline games that’ll meet the needs of an assortment of players.

Table Games and Live Casino

If, like me, you’re a fan of more traditional casino games, there are plenty of options to choose from. The Table Games section incorporates a wide selection of games, including classics like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. Seen a game that piques your interest? There’s no wait time – seated players are always welcome.

For those who miss the human interaction, This is Vegas Casino’s Live Dealer games offer a great compromise. Interact with other players and a live dealer as you stake your claim to winnings in real-time.

Specialty Games

Dare to venture on the path less trodden? This is Vegas Casino’s specialty games section could be your answer. This section showcases different versions of Keno, Bingo, and even Sudoku! It’s a perfect spot for those looking to explore beyond the traditional casino fare.

The in-depth game selection at This is Vegas Casino showcases the site’s commitment to catering to a diverse range of player tastes. The platform is a gateway to the charm and allure of Las Vegas – right from the comfort of your home.

Promotions and Bonuses

The excitement at ‘This is Vegas Casino’ is not restricted to its diverse game line-up. I found that its enticing promotional offers add to the thrilling experience that any casino-lover craves. Let’s not overlook the fact that this platform knows how to attract and retain players with the power of attractive bonuses and frequent promotions.

One of the main incentives that caught my eye was the welcome bonus. It’s certainly an appealing deal for anyone considering joining the casino. This package could reach up to a whopping 100% match on your first deposit. Who can say no to that? But hold on, there’s more. As a part of this package, players can also enjoy up to 999 free spins on the casino’s specific slot games.

Let’s dive deeper. To make Tuesdays more exciting, ‘This is Vegas Casino’ throws in a Tuesday Happy Hour bonus. Depending on how much you deposit, you could be enjoying additional free chips! Here’s how it works:

Range of DepositHappy Hour Bonus
$20 – $35$5 bonus
$36 – $50$10 bonus
$51 – $100$20 bonus
$101+$70 bonus

Upcoming birthdays? Don’t worry, ‘This is Vegas’ has got you covered with their Birthday Bonus! They treat their players with astounding bonuses on their special day. Each player’s bonus can vary, but it’s typically based on the player’s VIP level and play history. It’s clear that ‘This is Vegas Casino’ knows how to make a player feel special.

Lastly, keep in mind that every bonus setup comes with wagering requirements. So, always ensure you’re aware of the conditions before jumping into the pool of bonuses. By doing so, you’ll get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your playtime at ‘This is Vegas Casino’. Trust me, the experience is worth every penny and minute you invest.

Payment Options and Withdrawal Process

Evidently, This Is Vegas Casino has got the entertainment factor solid with unbeatable bonuses and promotions. Now, let’s shift our focus to how the monetary transactions are handled there. A great casino is defined not just by the games and bonuses it offers but also by the efficiency and ease of its payment and withdrawal processes.

The range of payment methods on This Is Vegas is commendable. Players can deposit their money using various options – be it credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Heck, one can even wire transfer their money!

With the rise in popularity of digital currencies, the casino’s support for Bitcoin is a real delight for tech-savvy gamblers. Easy, fast and secure – it’s no surprise that many are opting for this method.

Getting your winnings out. Seems like a big deal, right? Well, This is Vegas doesn’t disappoint in this front too. Most of the deposit methods double up as withdrawal methods, though the withdrawal times may vary.

The withdrawal process is relatively straightforward. You make a withdrawal request and it’s processed within 1-7 days, depending on the method chosen. But, keep in mind, there’s a withdrawal limit – $500 per day or $1000 per week; unless you’re a VIP player, then you’re in for more perks.

Payment MethodDeposit/WithdrawProcessing Time
Visa/MasterCardBoth1-5 days
BitcoinBothUpto 1 hour
Wire TransferDeposit OnlyUpto 5 Days

Let’s not forget the safety factor. This Is Vegas ensures all transactions are protected with state-of-the-art SSL encryption, so you can game worry-free. I’ll keep this in mind while venturing further into the casino’s features.

Customer Support and Security

Delving deeper into the ‘This Is Vegas Casino’ review, I’ll shift focus towards the two crucial aspects that directly impact player experience: customer support and security.

Customer support at This Is Vegas Casino is as impressive as its range of payment options. Accessible 24/7, their team is dedicated to ensuring you get help when you need it. Whether it’s a query about payment transactions or a simple question regarding a game, their efficient support staff is just a click away. They offer both email and live chat support options, making sure your casino experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Let’s talk about security. Everyone wants their personal and financial information to be safe. I might even dare to say it’s a necessity in today’s digitally driven world. This Is Vegas Casino understands this necessity well. To protect players’ information, the casino has implemented robust security measures.

The most noteworthy among these measures is the SSL encryption technology. This technology is widely recognized for its capability to secure sensitive information. It’s especially crucial when it comes to financial transactions, like deposits and withdrawals done at the casino. Need to submit your credit card details for a deposit, or want to withdraw your winnings using an e-wallet? Fret not, SSL Encryption ensures that all your data is safe from any unauthorized access.

But the casino doesn’t stop at SSL encryption. It also employs a randomized number generator for game results. This way, it ensures that all gaming outcomes are fair and unbiased.

Before I delve into the next part of the review, remember that at ‘This Is Vegas Casino,’ your gaming experience is secured and backed with efficient customer support.

Benefits of Playing at This is Vegas Casino

As I continue to unwrap the layers of This Is Vegas Casino, it’s clear that the benefits of gaming here truly set it apart from competitors. This casino is more than just a hub to place bets and try your luck – it’s an all-rounded, player-centric platform that prioritizes its member’s experience.

One striking advantage is the availability of round-the-clock customer support. No matter what query or issue you stumble upon, help is always a click away. Be it email or live chat, there’s always a team of highly proficient reps waiting to make your gaming journey smoother.

Another perk that can’t be overlooked is top-tier security. In a world full of virtual threats, feeling safe while playing online is crucial, and this casino guarantees just that. They utilize industry-common SSL encryption technology during transactions, ensuring your delicate personal and financial information remains untouched. Moreover, fairness in gaming is assured by their randomized number generator – leveling the playing field for everyone.

But what I find fascinating is the diversity of games. From online slots to table games, you’ll find a broad selection to keep the thrill going. What’s better? Compatibility is never an issue. Whether you’re a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, or you’re fond of gaming on mobile, This Is Vegas Casino ensures a seamless experience.

Finally, their rewarding bonus system adds a cherry on top. New players can expect a hearty welcome and regulars are rewarded for their loyalty. Bonuses and promotions regularly sweeten the deal, making the gaming experience more exciting.

As the journey into the world of This Is Vegas Casino continues, the revelations around its benefits continue to multiply, further setting this platform apart as a premier choice for online gaming.


I’ve found that This Is Vegas Casino truly stands out in the crowded online gaming market. It’s the player-centric approach, diverse game selection, and rewarding bonus system that sets it apart. With top-notch security and 24/7 customer support, it’s clear they value their players’ trust and satisfaction. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gamer, This Is Vegas Casino seems to have something for everyone. This platform is a testament to a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming environment. I’d confidently recommend giving This Is Vegas Casino a try if you’re on the hunt for a premier online gaming experience.